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We are one of the best trading signal platforms in the world, there are over 12 million users that trade with tools we use and our strategy is what professional traders call “Trend Trading”. Check out our highlights, pick what you want to learn from our class outline!

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Buy & Sell Signals on Top Stocks

Our signals works with short term charts 1, 5 or 15 minute timeframes that's available on or your broker.

Look at the Chart to Verify Signal

Once you get the signal on our dashboard, you can examine the chart for the stock symbol to verify if the trend is strong up or down and decide if you want to buy or sell the stock.

Take Profits Fast, Avoid Risky Holding

Our signals are for trending stocks either up or down, if you get in and the trade works, take your profits, avoid holding if your trade experienced a favorable accelerated move.

Only Trade when there is opportunity

Use our signals to guide you with your trading, if stock is up it does not mean there is a trend. Our signals help you see when trends are happening.

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All in one and amazing tool

All in one and amazing tool. I was watching videos on you tube and Instagram about 3 mounts. I started today by purchasing 3 months account. I’m completely zero on trading markets. Todays results was amazing for me 👉4 trades 4 wins! Thanks Brokerhedge signals for their hard work and honesty

Ali Reza

5 days in and

5 days in and I’m already seeing profit! I’ve been trading since 2019 but in and out of groups as they were more focused on recruiting instead of helping the traders…. Brokerhedge focuses on trend indicators to help read the charts for better… I’ve never seen this much help in my MT4 trading… 

Felice Kimbrew

Gold Standard Signals

My trading journey started the hard way; I made all the mistakes a new trader could possible make, and blew 2 accounts due to my lack on knowledge and experience. After trying more indicators that I can remember, I was fortunate to find Brokerhedge. This is an end-to-end all round amaz… Read more on Trustpilot

Jøhnnŷ K Heiñż

Brokerhedge is a machine…

It’s a good machine learning algorithm that shows the best buys and the best sell. I make profit in the last 2 weeks also Brokerhedgevgive us access to strong trend signals over all markets. They also have signals from 20 different stocks so you can trade, stocks you like!!

Marouin Attieh

These signals are like a GPS…

This indicator is like a light which is shining in the darkness, respectively the trading aspect. For most it can be very challenging to trade on the market. But this indicator has helped to focus on my take profits and stop loss earning more money and having almost zero losses. I… Read more on Trustpilot

Paun Theodor

I was scrolling social media…

I saw videos in YouTube how they have this Strategy signals and some videos in which they were educating about trading and i got interested and then i saw the discord channel coming soon, which is a bank of free money!! You will make the money back in a week… Their discord is bonus money with… Read more on Trustpilot

Zaid Wani


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