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Questions & Answers

How Will I Earn Referral Fee?

You will be paid out for customer who have taken all pre-recorded classes and booked the LIVE Trading Strategy session. We send the fee via PayPal, Zelle, Payoneer or Coinbase Crypto wallet. If these methods are blocked in your country, we will offer other methods for payouts. Please reach out to us via email to learn more. ([email protected])

Do I Get Commission For Each Sale I Get?

Yes. You will earn 15% referral fee for All sessions the customer purchases that completes the LIVE Trading Strategy Session! Easily build a massive passive income.

Do I Need To Purchase Trading Strategy Myself?

YES, You need to purchase to join our referral program.  We want all our affiliates to understand and know what the class sessions are all about, not just sell them.

How Can I See My Progress?

You will have full access to your own dashboard where you can view all your sales leads. Additionally, you will get access to Email servers to help you manage and follow-up with your customer leads.

Do I Need To Make My Own Content?

No, but if you like to recommend content on how our training and content can be upgraded, we are always open to suggestions.

How Do I Get Referrals?

Share your referral link with potential customers that are interested in signing up, if they signup and you provided their email or phone number in the dashboard which coincides with their signup email or phone number you will get the referral fee.

Do we use referral tracking Cookies?

No, we don’t. We expect you to know the people you refer to us, well enough to know their email and phone number, the same email and phone number that they will use to buy the Trade Strategy Sessions.

I Have More Questions!

Simply email us at [email protected]. We will gladly answer any of your questions you may have!

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