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A Strategy on Mastering Stock and Options Trading

Select any of these pre-recorded sessions and learn at your own pace.
Each session is $249.95, gets discounted when purchasing over 5 sessions.

LIVE Trading Strategy Session can be booked only after all pre-recorded sessions are taken.

Please note all sales are final, sold as is and are not refundable.

Introduction to Stock and Options Trading (pre-recorded)
– Overview of finding active stocks, using
– Creating a watchlist of stock and options for the trading day
– Brief introduction to key concepts: stocks, options, technical analysis; imperative for proper trading, knowing everything is not necessary.
Understanding Charts and Placing Trades on Thinkorswim Platform (pre-recorded)

– Technical analysis essentials: Price trends, volume, sma and vwap

– Fundamentals of options trading: Calls, puts, strike price, expiration date
– Get my workspace link and use the parameters and indicators already setup for you
Developing Profitable Trading Plan (pre-recorded)

– Identifying strong stock trends for options trading

– Understand when and why to buy
– Understand when and why to sell
Exploring Trading Tools vs Signals (pre-recorded)

– Introduction to popular platforms such as

– Leveraging options for income to trending stocks

– Benefits of direct broker account signals platforms like
Risk Management and Money Management (pre-recorded)
– Importance of discipline and following your trading plan
– Mitigating risk through proper position sizing, and not staying in a trade if doesn’t work or for long periods
– Understanding the psychological aspect of trading and maintaining emotional discipline, trading when there’s opportunity
Brokerage Accounts and Margin (pre-recorded)
– Overview of preferred online brokerage platforms (e.g., TD Ameritrade, Robinhood)
– Utilizing educational resources and classes for continuous learning
– Know the appropriate option level so not to be exposed to margin risk
Putting Strategies into Practice (pre-recorded)
– Practical daily 15 minute exercises in simulated trading environments (e.g., paper money accounts)
– Analyze and trade the chart, don’t focus on news or world scenarios
– Select 5 stocks and just focus on trading and following only them
Conclusion and Self Assessment (pre-recorded)
– Key takeaways from classes and gauging what and how you learn
– Continued practice refines the skills for trading

– Resources for further learning, 1 on 1 live step by step or Trade Review session

Trade Review Q&A (LIVE Session)

Ask questions and seek clarification on course material and what you’ve traded

– We go over your Day Trades, and plot the buys and sells on the charts to see how well you trading

– Brief overview of end of the year broker statements and tax reporting and preparation

Trading Strategy (LIVE Session)

You can take this LIVE Session only after completing all pre-recorded sessions above

– Detailed overview of the actual strategy that works for both stocks and options

– Screenshare to show you how the startegy setup looks on the charts using Thinkorswim workspace

1 Session

Onboarding for Trading
on Thinkorswim Platform
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5 Sessions

Select any 5 Topics
from Class Outline
$ 999
  • Workspace Access
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8 Sessions

Select any 10 Topics
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$ 1599
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