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I built StockTraderClass.com and TradeHackingSecrets.com with you in mind… whether you are the entrepreneur, the business owner, the creator, or what ever the field of expertise you have…

Because I know that you need just 2 things to get you started with day trading FAST:
1. One Interactive HOW TO Class (Live or Webclass discussion of major parameters and indicators)
2. Trading Strategy Setup (TD Ameritrade Platform Thinkorswim Setup Included) 
And that’s exactly what I help you with. Pure and simple.
So you can START DAY TRADING, FAST & EASY without having to jerk around and get frustrated with platform setup, not knowing what to trading, watching endless online video presentations, and MOST IMPORTANTLY NOT HAVING A STRATEGY TO TRADE WITH.
Get your trading skills up, running, and start making smarter trades NOW.

With Over 3,500 Stocks To Trade Every Day In Our Stock Markets, There Is No Shortage In Choosing What To Trade…

1000+ Traders Worldwide, Use Specific Strategy To Trade Like the Pros! By Having A Strategy You Can Too! Know HOW & WHAT!

If this sounds like a CHALLENGE to get you to try my intro class for $5 Dollars… then so be it.

I just feel it’s time someone brings Wall St.to Main St. So, are you up to the challenge? 

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You could potentially learn to trade your investment account, and have profitable trades and second source of income coming in as you become more proficient in day trading!

So…what exactly can you do with Stock Trader Strategy Class?
You can quickly learn and trade smart with a strategy that shows you how and when to buy and sell. The main parameters and indicators to use in charts that help you determine the stock trends… without having to rely on chatrooms or email signals from Gurus out there!
With your intro class, you can take Trade Hacking Secrets for a test drive, and see what LIVE day trading looks like and the chart layout that will work for any online broker!
In just one class, you can learn to trade what others have stretch-out for weeks to keep you as constant customer that they can keep selling too!
(Talk about putting the power back into the hands of the customer!)
And with your Trade Hacking Strategy Class, you can learn as soon as you schedule!
You can learn to trade smart that allow you to:
And, with me sharing my TD Ameritrade Trading Platform Setup it’s easy to open the workspace link on your computer and save as your own.
You get instant access to Trade Hacking Secret Setup (and your ability to start trading smart!) the moment you start your intro class!   

And This is Just The Beginning!

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Amazing Bonus

My Strategy Classes

One of the BEST and BIGGEST Sales, Day Trading Strategy Presentation, and Financial Skills Development Trainings on the Planet!

No matter where you’re at in your day trading journey, I want you to feel CONFIDENT and SAFE knowing that you’ve got the ULTIMATE STRATEGY TRAINING at your fingertips to ENSURE SUCCESS with your day trading.

That’s why I’m giving away the DEMO TRIAL CLASS so you can experience how my Trade Hacking Secrets Strategy Training is like…

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Are you’re someone who’ll stop at NOTHING to get what you want in life…?

Then use your $5 Intro Class and ask any or all questions you have so you can get started…
Because this 40% Special “HUGE BONUS” is just for you!
(There’s a method to the my strategy, so for best results, go through this training with great focus…)

Here’s some of the secrets you’ll get access to inside TradeHackingSecrets when you start your Strategy Class...

Strategy Secret #1

Chart Set-ups

The FIRST secret you’ll get inside TradeHackingSecrets Strategy Class is called Chart Setups…

And there is a very specific reason why I opened up this class for you to watch…
See, there is a shocking similarity between nearly ALL of the Day Traders who decide not to
 continue with TradeHackingSecrets Strategy Class after our Intro Class…
It’s NOT that they don’t love TradeHackingSecrets…
It’s NOT that they don’t know how to make easy watchlists and place day trades… (I’ve designed the trading parameters for the average non-techie trader who doesn’t know how to use complicated chart indicators).

It’s that they DON’T have a STRATEGY to trade with yet!

Besides the fact that its super risky to trade with out a strategy… I don’t want Not having a Trading Strategy to be a hurdle for you a moment longer!

So inside TradeHackingSecrets Strategy Class, I will walk you through 5 different charts you can quickly use to assess the stock you are watching
If you have no idea what I am talking about then THIS is the perfect place to start!
The best part? You won’t have to wait around weeks or months to start day trading the smart way…
In fact, you can use these chart ideas that I share to help you create your own charts in just 
By the end of this training, you should have a general IDEA, and at least 5 charts to track your
 stocks! All YOU need to do is pick one stock that resonates with you, and start analysis!   

Strategy Secret #2

My No. 1 Risk Management

The next secret that you’ll get to learn in Trade Hacking Secrets Strategy Class!
This is a MASSIVELY overlooked part of day trading that we talk about in detail, it is the SELLING part of trading, believe me it’s just as important as BUYING part, if not more important.  

With just the few simple concepts, you will understand how to protect your investment capital!

You will know how to sell-off the non-working trades FAST... and hold the working trades instead!

Strategy Secret #3

Trade Hacking

The THIRD secret you’ll get to learn with your intro class is how to use a simulator to practice my Trade Hacking Strategy!

Once you learn my strategy, and setup your online trading platform, the next piece of the puzzle is PRACTICE.
You can setup the charts in any online broker platform but Thinkorswim Paper Trading Platform is the KING when it comes to a simulator platform to help you learn how to day trade with real-time data! Thinkorswim was my very first platform that I used for my students so that they learn EVERYTHING they can about how to place trades and more importantly how to place trades using my trading parameters you will learn in the Trade Hacking Secrets Strategy Class.
And over the next few years, I am on a mission to make not just my strategy but others available to as many online traders as possible and we have the perfect economy for this to be a reality! 

This Is Now The Main Parameters And Indicators That World-Class Pro Traders Use To Day Trade Stocks and Options!

In fact, I spent over 10 years perfecting my strategy, testing what works (and what doesn’t).

In my Trade Hacking Secrets Strategy Class, is the single most valuable action driven strategy class out there that can be utilized for most online broker platforms that is worth trading on…
I will show you the trend-driven go to strategy that works on both stocks and options:

And, I’ll equip you with everything you need to know about the pattern recognition that lay the groundwork for successful trend trading, regardless of what broker platform you choose to trade with:

That’s 10 Key Best Practices, In Just One Trade Hacking Strategy Class

Its Like Watching Over My Shoulder To Master The Art Of Trading!

And you get access to ASK any questions you have during your Intro Class of StockTraderClass.com!

I’ve been so lucky and blessed to be developing technologies and strategies that help regular people excel in something that they would not really think was possible…

Not only am I show people the ropes in day trading, but I am working with Top Programmers to make trading even more simpler and accessible to average investor!
I meet daily with Python Coders and System Developers to see how we can build out a social trading platform where YOU my customers and students, would be able to access a trading bot that has the specific parameters I teach already built in and optimized for trading with your online broker. Because we all know the struggles of learning and perfecting something new is HUGE challenge all of us…
Till now, Hedge funds and Top Investment Management firms have utilized the technologies to have an edge over the their trading but now with everyone being more connected more than ever, and technological advancement, we are able to bring these possibilities to the individual investor… REWIRE HOW HARD OUR MONEY WORKS FOR US.
Now, for many of you (if you’re anything like I was), you might be wondering, 

“But Isaac, how do I LEARN to Day Trade?”

So, the real question you should ask yourself is,

“How can you get all the NOISE out of your head that is holding you back?”

Technology is only going to get better, so not knowing how to invest your capital in the new economy is basically opening you up for unnecessary risk. When you take my Trade Hacking Secrets Strategy Class you will be one of the first to license my Trading Bot… I paying my coders a TON of money to make this happen and to make sure social trading is a reality. Yes, it will manage the trading process, all you’ll need to tell it, is which stocks you like and how much capital to invest…

(I can not say when my Bot will be ready, but YOU as my customer and student will definitely hear about it…)

During my presentation, I will teach you 

how to focus only on what works, so you
can zero in on what will make your trades
successful with a basic trading process.
It’s about a 2 ½ hour presentation, with interactive, pro-active participation and exercise mindset

As I experienced the transformation taking place inside my own trading discipline, I knew that I  needed to share this with as many people as possible.

So I ask YOU,

“Would you be willing to join me for this presentation in learning Trade Hacking Secrets, so you can learn how and benefit from your trading?


Finally, after reading this, I hope you said YES!

But don’t just stop there…
In true social spirit, I want you to share this link to my Strategy to help someone you know achieve success in day trading…  

That means, when you start your Intro Class today, you’ll be getting instant access to the full 

HUGE DISCOUNT OFF the Trade Hacking Strategy Class!
(That’s JUST ONE Training Class, to get you up and running with Day Trading, it’s truly transformational!)

So... here are few reasons why you should take my Trade Hacking Secrets Strategy Class?

Reason #1:

My presentation for Hacking Wall St. is for Real...

So the 2 ½ hour training is where I work with you to create a huge transformation in just one afternoon!

Let me guide you from where you are now…in your trading and in
life… to where you want to be. The main factor that will 
determine your results is your “discipline”. 

Reason #2:

Pursue your passion...

Are you working from paycheck to paycheck and not really sure about your life’s mission? Well, are you ready to discover your true potential, more meaningful talents and  skills, so you can attract a life of abundance for yourself and your family? Get on the path you were meant to walk…it all starts with 1 Strategy… 

Reason #3:

Smart Trading...

Imagine a life of extraordinary wealth, boundless success, limitless potential, and the joy of truly feeling EMPOWERED! Can you imagine how you’d feel if you could sustain this level of success every day?
And the power, drive, and momentum to create wealth for your family and your loved ones? In this training I will unlock the secrets to optimal trading and risk management for proper day trading. 

Reason #4:

Build Confidence To Enjoy Life...

Love. Happiness. Abundance. What is it like to experience these emotions at the highest level, day after day? What’s the SECRET to sustaining love, happiness and healthy relationships with people around us?
Well you might have already guessed it… it’s the TIME that you spend doing these things… So, what can you do RIGHT NOW to create extraordinary leap for accomplish this? In this training, I will help you realize how to make your money work harder for you, so you can spend more time enjoying life… 

Reason #5:

The Edge...

If you ask anyone… everyone wants “The Edge Over The Market”… to have your trade go in proper direction, and that it’s trend to strengthen as the day progresses. But how do you actually trade like that? Where would you start?
Inside this training, I will show you how your actions, emotions, and psychology affect the results you get in live trading… and how to truly set your trades up for success by following few simple rules.  

Reason #6:

Make Your Money Work Hard For You...

Every day, there are so many choices we make…
And sadly for many average investors, they go through life working HARD, and leaving the money their have earned, barely working for them. Poor return on capital is the ENEMY of growth, and it can prevent you from achieving what you really should earn.
The Power of a Strategy will help you realize your true earnings potential, so you can zero-in on the trades that will get you the results you’re looking for! I will share with you my High Growth Strategy to help you go after high potential stocks and trade like 
the pros!    

Reason #7:

Building True Wealth...

What does “wealth” mean to you? Is it freedom from ever having
to worry about money again? Is it being able to do the things you want to do, when you want to do it? Is it providing for your family and loved ones? Or the power to simply read the charts correctly and take proper trades, with limited risk?
In this training, I will show you the secrets to building TRUE wealth, by tapping into what Wall street has been keeping secret… One trade at a time!

I include basic indicators and parameters in the training, that you need to help rewire your brain, so you can read the charts successfully in your every day trading, more easily!  

Here’s Everything You Get Access To When You Start Your

Trade Hacking Secrets
Strategy Class!

Total Value: PRICELESS!

Get Strategy Class Today

Please note, all LIVE 1 on 1 strategy sessions are non refundable since I spend time teaching you and testing you to make sure you know how to execute my strategy.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering whether to buy My Strategy Class or not…

“I am still giving the Intro Class away for $5? Isn’t that ridiculous, for you not to register?”

There are actually a few reasons I’m doing this…
First, it’s my way of saying thank you for being willing to give StockTradeClass.com a try.
But more importantly, my hope is that once you start using Trade Hacking Secrets to build day trade on your own and see how powerful of a trading tool it really is, it should get you excited to stick around as one of our StockTradeClass.com members in the future. 
That’s it.
I can tell you more but the point here is for you to take ACTION !  🙂
Well, that, and I just really want you to see how cool my strategy is.
You know what I mean?
From here, you’re just a few clicks away from instant access to the tools and training resources you need to get your day trading up and running!
I can’t wait for you to try my Trade Hacking Secrets Strategy out for yourself, and see just how easy and powerful it really is!
Click on the button above to buy the Strategy Class or get the Intro Class, (and watch me live), and you can finally get started with day trading!
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch my video. I hope it has been incredibly eye-opening and grateful to working with you soon!
Thank you, 

Isaac Cohen

P.S. REMEMBER: You can waste a ton of time and money paying gurus to provide you trading tips and signals… but why would you put the performance of your investment capital literally in their hands…? Learning to day trade for yourself, in our financially sophisticated economy is best way to put your money to work for you.  
As always, Remember… It just takes one strategy!  Your choice.
This decision is yours…
Get Started With Trade Hacking Secrets For Just $5 Bucks…


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